We’re giving away $150k of DAIS!

To celebrate our pre-sale and rapidly growing DAIS community, we’re giving away $150k of DAIS to three of our lucky early stage investors.

The Dais $150k giveaway is now live

To enter in our $150K worth of DAIS giveaway, you just need to hold $100 worth of DAIS in your wallet at the time of the draw and  grab your free entries by following few simple steps listed down below!

  1. Enter your Crypto Wallet Address + 1 Entry
  2. Follow @daisofficial on Twitter + 1 Entry
  3. Retweet @daisofficial on Twitter + 5 Entries
  4. Join @daisannouncement on Telegram + 1 Entry
  5. Join @daisnetworkofficial on Telegram + 1 Entry
  6. Visit @daiscoin on Instagram + 1 Entry
  7. Follow @daistoken on Medium + 1 Entry
  8. Follow @daisnetwork on LinkedIn + Entry
  9. Visit @daiscoin on Facebook + 1 Entry
  10. Share with your friends for extra entries  + 5 Entry